About me

I am a Swedish male named Roger Svensson, living in Malmoe since 1987.

I was born in Gothenburg 1964 and lived my first ten year in Froelunda, a district in Gothenburg. My parents are from Bohuslaen, a county north of Gothenburg, and they moved back when I was ten years old, and me and my brother (he is three year older then I) have to move with them. So we moved to Stroemstad, a small town nears the Norwegian border, where my mother comes from. My parents taked over a gasoline-station outside Stroemstad, in a place named Skee, and there I worked on holidays and so.

After I ended my nine-year regular school, I worked at the gasoline-station in Skee, take a welding-course, worked as caretaker and cultured clams.

In may 1983 I moved to Ronneby for a two and a half-year education in electronics. Radio, television, video and such things. When I ended the school in Ronneby 1985 I returned to Gothenburg and worked as gasket-presser and solder circuit card at Ericsson radio system in Moelndal.

When I was unemployed in Gothenburg 1987 I got a phone-call from a good friend in Malmoe, named Bosse, who I have known since I moved to Stroemstad when I was ten. He had a three-room flat and wanted someone to share the rent with, and I said yes.
So I moved to Malmoe and worked with delivering food to the schools. 1991 I started working at Gambro, a medical equipment factory in Lund. I ended 1997 and started a one-year C/C++ course in January 1998. Summer 1999 I taught me multimedia on another course, in 2000 I study windowsprogramming with visual studio and MFC. 2001 I read objectoriented analys and design.

About Computers.

I build my first computer 1981, a ZX81 with 1 kb memory and 16 grey-scale. (Or was it just black and white?) On that one I learn my first Basic-programming, and programmed such thing as tennis-game made of white dots on a black screen. (How fascinating it was.)

Then I got me a Vic20 in 1983, with COLOR! I learn the new Basic-language and machine code, where you write both instructions and values directly in hexadecimal. Learned the Principe of computer color-graphic (witch is still valid) and got my first painting-program (Doodle).

At the time I study in Ronneby (83-85) I learned the digital-technique from ground. TTL/Cmos technique, bools algebra, timers, switches, multiplexes and all that. I build a lot of own project, both digital and analogue, and some of them worked.

In 1985 I buy me the new Vic64. More Color (32, with possibility to 64), more memory (64 KB) and better sound (bought my first sampler). Programmed my first real color-game in assembler and found the fascinating program Paint deluxe, which taken many hours of my life. (It had some tools that I still missing on the PC.) Got me a modem in 1986 and started to visit bulletin boards and file-libraries.

And so come the Amiga, and all the earlier limits seem to be gone. I have first an Amiga500, and later an Amiga1200 (which I still have). I learned the new nice system and programmed assembler, and the new version of Blitz basic, a well-done hybrid between assembler and Basic.
The graphic-program reached new highs, and I get fascinated in the program Imagine, a very well developed 3D-modelling, animating and rendering program that still works excellent. Signed my first internet-subscription 1996 and made my first homepage.

When I 1998 started the one-year programming-education I buy me the PC that I still have, a Pentium200 MHz. I have upgraded the RAM from originally 32Mb to 96Mb, and buy a bigger hard-drive.


About my art.

I have always liked to sketch and draw and my teachers in the lower classes spread their anger over me when I prefer to scribble in the books, instead of reading them.

Later I started to draw more seriously and in mid 80:s I was in with an exhibition on the library in Stroemstad, both with drawing and computer-graphic. Sold some and still have some left. In the 90:s I have had some exhibitions in the Malmoe/Lund-region. Often with drawings and computer-graphic together.

The last years the drawings has stand back for the 3d-modelling, especially since I find Bryce, which still is the favourite program.

The computer-images in the gallery are mostly rendered in Bryce, while I prefer to model in Max 3D. But as more I learn about Max the more I appreciate it. I often start with the ground-scene in Bryce, and then build the objects in Max, import them to Bryce and finished the scene. If I want some Poser-models in the scene, I have made place for them and put them to the scene last. Also the rendered image sometimes needs some editing and detail finishing. That I do in Photoshop.

About my writings.

The writings are a later chapter in my life, even if I wrote some stories when I was child. Time to time I write small stories, poems and fairy tales. For a couple of years ago I started writing a storybook, and I maybe finish it some rainy day.